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1 month ago

Worcester paedophile sexually abused girl, aged three – Worcester News

A LYING paedophile who sexually abused a three-year-old girl in Worcester later claimed he was just ‘play fighting’ with her.

Lewis Munslow, 75, was jailed for six and a half years at Worcester Crown Court on Friday after he carried out the abuse on the girl in Worcester and Stourbridge in the 1990s, later telling her: “I know you want me dead.”

The woman said the abuse ruined her experience of motherhood and left her feeling like she was serving ‘a life sentence’. West Mercia Police said they did not have a custody photo available of the paedophile despite the judge making clear that Munslow was ‘an offender of particular concern’ who would not automatically be released at the halfway point of his prison sentence.

The perverted pensioner admitted four indecent assaults, some of which were multiple incident counts, between November 16, 1992 and September 29, 1997. The abuse began in Worcester when the victim was three years old and Munslow had been asked to babysit.

Michael Hall, prosecuting, said Munslow kissed her, putting his tongue in her mouth and rubbed his body against hers. Later he sexually assaulted her.

“It was some years later, in 2008, that the complainant was to disclose to her mother the details of the abuse that she had suffered” said Mr Hall.

The victim also sent Munslow a text message, telling him: “I can remember everything you did.”

Munslow texted back immediately, telling her he was sorry ‘but pleading she did not tell her mother’. In December 2016 she also told her father who reported the matter to police.

Munslow attended a voluntary police interview, initially denying any sexual offending had taken place. He accepted play fighting with her.

When shown the text he had sent his victim he told officers it was ‘nothing more than an admission of play fighting’ although the prosecution said that was no longer the stance the defendant takes after admitting the offences.

Jason Aris, defending, said his client, who walks with a stick, had a number of medical difficulties. In an interview with the probation officer Mr Aris accepted his client appeared to ‘resile from his guilty pleas’ but argued that this was ‘a misunderstanding’.

“The defendant is ‘very remorseful for what happened. That is clear from the text messages that form part of the Crown’s case in this matter” said Mr Aris.

The barrister went on to argue that his client’s remorse was ‘almost palpable’. In a message to the complainant, read out by Mr Aris, Munslow writes: “I’m sorry beyond words. I know you hate me and also that you want me dead. That wish will soon come true. I understand you want to ruin my life as I have yours.”

Judge Martin Jackson jailed Munslow for six and a half years. He made clear that, as an offender of particular concern, it would be for the Parole Board to assess whether Munslow should be released at the halfway point of his sentence on licence or serve the custodial term in its entirety.

As a convicted sex offender, Munslow will also be subject to notification requirements. Four further counts will lie on file.

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