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1 month ago

Cyber Daily: Biden Requests Assessment of Russian Hacking Activity | Weekend Reading – The Wall Street Journal

Good day. Among President Biden’s priorities when addressing U.S. relations with Russia is the country’s alleged links to the SolarWinds hack and other cyberattacks on American companies and federal agencies, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Other news: Indian government wants answers from WhatsApp; temporary housing service ALE Solutions discloses breach; less than three years in, European privacy watchdogs levy more than $330 million in fines under the GDPR.

Weekend reading: Hackers steal, alter and post data; employee monitoring risks privacy sanctions; Google Play suspends “free-speech” forum; the WHO wants to rein in Covid-19 digital passports.

National Security

Biden requests assessment of Russian hacking activity. President Biden proposed Thursday that a centerpiece U.S.-Russia nuclear arms treaty be extended for five years, a decision that marks the first major foreign policy action of his administration as he seeks to confront national security challenges.

In announcing Mr. Biden’s decision on the treaty, known as New START, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden officials were prepared to take other steps to hold Russia accountable for its “reckless and adversarial actions.”

Mr. Biden had asked the intelligence community to assess recent alleged Russian hacking and interference in the 2020 election, among other activities, she added. Russia has denied involvement in such incidents.

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More Cyber News

India’s parliament grills WhatsApp officials about privacy changes. A parliamentary panel in India asked executives from the messaging company, owned by Facebook , how proposed changes to privacy terms would affect users. India is WhatsApp’s biggest base, with 400,000 users. WhatsApp has said it is considering allowing Facebook access to certain account data, a move that India’s technology ministry has asked the company not to make. (Reuters)

Temporary housing service ALE Solutions discloses breach. Nearly 29,000 customers of ALE Solutions Inc. had their personal data compromised in a cyberattack last year. Intruders could have accessed information including names and Social Security numbers between April 2020 and June 2020, the Saint Charles, Ill.-based company said.

$332.4 Million

Total fines levied by regulators under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation since the law went into effect in 2018, according to research from DLA Piper.

Weekend Reading

Altered Vaccine Data Exposes Critical Cyber Risks

Monitoring of Employees Faces Scrutiny in Europe

Google Play Suspends Wimkin, Citing Posts Calling for Violence

WHO Plans Privacy, Security Rules for Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates

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